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To provide broad solutions, services and consultation to the oil & gas and power providers in the region, partnering with global supply chain providers.


To be recognized as one of the major service providers in the local and regional industrial market using the intellectual knowledge and experience of our international business partners’ SCM network.


MadaEnergy is a business development organization, established in 2006, focused on providing solutions to the following industries in Saudi Arabia and Gulf states:

• Oil and gas

• Industrial

• Power

• Fabrication

Our core purpose is to generate innovative solutions for todays engineering challenges. Our services range from designing gas networks and power generation units to providing consulting to foreign firms on local industries.

Regardless of the service requested, our experienced management team will strive to maintain a high standard of performance and exceed your expectations.

Our firms approach to engineering problems is to innovate. As a result, we strive to use the latest technologies ensuring a commitment to excellence, innovation and client satisfaction.

Mada Energy enjoys outstanding relations with several major international corporations, financial institutions, governments, and private investors. This allows us to create dynamic, effective solutions and services for domestic and regional projects.

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