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1 Engineering consultations H2 Network, 2010, Yanbu /Jubail, AIR LIQUID ARABIA

Building the first hydrogen network in Jubial and Yanbu Ind. Area. Mada is full consultant of Airlaquid Arabia for building the networks inside the RC corridor. Provide presentation support , letter to Ministry, provide local market help, etc. provide assistance to help build the prefeasibility study for the hydrogen network. Provide full coverage to all drawings, material spec. etc.

2 Albemarle (Catalyst Plant location GCC) Eng. Study, 2010, Dhahran

Albemarle USA Provide assistant to Albemarle Catalyst manufactures US company. Provided complete survey and logistics for project investigation and development cost and feasibility providing information and data on local market necessary to evaluate building catalyst plant in Jubal vs. other GCC countries incentive. 8 month project done with our partner Azzouni Cons.

3 Develpment of Custody Transfer Measurments, 2015 to 2017, DHAHRAN

Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Recources (MEIM) in house training courses in measurement and gauging system. Madaenergy is exclusive partner of Quercus Technical Service in KSA and GCC.Training of full crew from MEIM in Holland, full program for 1 month.Quercus Technical Services B.V.

Other Industries

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