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1 Replcacment of SEC Metering project in Ghazlan Power Plant, 2015 to 2016, Khobar

SEC Scop of work: dismantling of old KWH metrs, installation of new KWH 735 SEL meters, Modifying current voltage and DC circuit to accommadate the new meters, laying of new communication cables and connecting to PC, progamming of KWH meters, testing communication with PC, also testing and commissioning all meters along with SEC peronal Seven days Training, updating all affected electrical drawing using micro -station software.

2 HD Laptop for surveys Memory Upgrades, 2011, Dhahran, Saudi Aramco

Provide special lap tops and sofrwares for the line computers specialized for use in the high-precision GPS positioning system, accurate calculation of the area of handheld and intelligent systems,...Measurement & Analysis Instruments. Also upgrade the cards and maintenance.

3 Installation of Hardware/Software Datem Products, 2010, Riyadh, Ministry of Defense

Installation of complete Datem package for the Ministry of Defenece. Mada provided demo and installation procedure. Along with all material precurments.

Power, Electricity & IT Solutions

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